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The Constitutional Walking Tour may be best known for our walking tours of Historic Philadelphia, but we also love ALL of Philadelphia. In this blog, we will tell you about some of our favorite places in Philadelphia and give you the insider tips you can use to enjoy them like a real Philadelphian. Some of our favorite places in Philadelphia are iconic landmarks, others are hidden gems, all of them are worth a visit!

January 18, 2017
Philadelphia’s newest cultural institution… 240 years in the making!   The History Everyone knows that the first battles of the Revolution took place outside of Boston at Lexington and Concord.  But while we look back today and see those battles as the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the actual participants at the time had no idea what those battles would begin.   Most think of the Battles of... Read More
January 11, 2017
Hamilton’s time in Philadelphia   The History With the great success of “Hamilton, An American Musical”, it seems interest in the man who adorns our nation’s ten dollar bills has never been higher.  But even those who saw the Broadway play about the life of Alexander Hamilton, may be unaware that many of the major events depicted in the play took place right here in Philadelphia.  Philadelphia... Read More
December 13, 2016
A picturesque historic burial ground   The History For most of Philadelphia’s early history, the deceased never strayed very far from the living.  In the most historic parts of Philadelphia, the landscape is dotted with centuries old churches and synagogues, and often right beside them, the burial grounds where their congregants were interred.  For many 17th and 18th century Philadelphians, their... Read More
October 21, 2016
A high cultured avenue through Center City Philadelphia   The History Broad Street (today also known as Avenue of the Arts) was always designed to be one of the most important streets in Philadelphia. Philadelphia founder William Penn designed it to be the main North-South thoroughfare through town. Though Penn called for a city centered upon a central square, uncooperative early Philadelphians... Read More
August 30, 2016
One of the biggest concert events in the history of Philadelphia   The History Made in America is once again just around the corner and there has been a lot of discussion about the biggest live music festival in Philadelphia.  But Made in America is not the first major concert event in Philadelphia.  Arguably the tradition dates back to at least 1985 with global music festival Live Aid.   Live... Read More
July 14, 2016
Another Political Convention is coming to Philadelphia!   The History When Philadelphia became the capital of the United States in 1790, there were no political conventions.  George Washington, who lived as President of the United States in Philadelphia from 1790-1797, was not affiliated with any political party.  But the second president to live in Philadelphia, John Adams, was a federalist and... Read More
June 13, 2016
The Birthplace of American Identity   The History Carpenters’ Hall was built in 1770 by the Carpenters’ Company, the oldest extant craft guild in the United States, founded in 1724.  In 1774 Carpenters’ Hall would provide the meeting place for the First Continental Congress of America.  Led by Peyton Randolph of Virginia, this historic congress represented the first time a large majority of the... Read More
April 13, 2016
James Madison’s life in Philadelphia   The History No matter who your favorite founding father may be, chances are, he spent a lot of time in Philadelphia.  Because Philadelphia was the first capital of the United States and was such an enormously important city in the foundational years of this country, important figures from all over the nation spent a lot of time in Philadelphia.  Take for... Read More
March 16, 2016
Philadelphia & Pennsylvania Provide Historical Context to the Founding of the Mormon Church and to the Pioneer Builder, Henry Grow, Jr., a Native Philadelphian, Architect and Engineer Who Designed and Built the Salt Lake City Tabernacle for Brigham Young    Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple Overview In just six months, the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of... Read More
March 06, 2016
A tour of the American Military’s birthplace.   The Constitutional Walking Tour’s Military Tour Here at The Constitutional Walking Tour we’re well known for our custom tours which can be designed to fit the exact needs of our guests.  Custom tours are available to VIP customers who hire a private guide as well as to all groups, such as corporate and school groups.  One custom tour that we’ve... Read More


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