21 Anniversary

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July 2003
The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia was conceived by Leslie and Jonathan Bari of Philadelphia. Additionally, special thanks go to several individuals including Scott Elkins, Steve Foxman, Esq., Mitch Gerstein, Nidhi Krishen, and Michael Shannon.
The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia is modeled after The Freedom Trail® in Boston which is a free 2.5-mile walking tour denoted by a red line of paint and bricks which guides visitors through Boston to see its many historic sites. As such, The Constitutional further acknowledges Bob Winn, the sexton of the Old North Church in Boston, and William Schofield, the reporter from the Boston Herald-Traveler, who originally conceived of The Freedom Trail in Boston from 1951 to 1958.
For the foreign language translations of The Constitutional Walking Tour, special thanks go to Jonathan and Leslie Bari, Nidhi Krishen and Michael Shannon of Solution Media, and Livia Rurarz-Huygens. The specific foreign language translations were made possible thanks to the generous support of following individuals: Arabic - Robert J. Riggs and Mbarek Sryfi; Chinese - Yi-Chun (Zoe) Chen; Dutch - Etienne Huygens; French - Livia Rurarz-Huygens; German - Katherine Cybulski; Greek - Dionysia Kyriakopoulou; Hebrew - Rami Regavim; Italian - John A. Di Camillo; Japanese - Midori Wakabayashi; Korean - Eunmo (Eunice) Sung; Polish - Ewa Rurarz-Huygens; Russian - Emma Reznik & Linevich Vadim; and Spanish - Beatriz Taberner-Rodriguez.
Brochure - For a free copy of The Constitutional's self-guided walking tour brochure, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (#10 size or larger) with $0.88 postage to us at our address which you can get by clicking here.
*Note: In 2007, The Constitutional Foundation, Inc., the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, ("Corporation"), which offered the free self-guided tour wound down operations because the Corporation's Board of Directors resolved that the Corporation was unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary contributions to continue its charitable and educational purposes. To ensure that the free self-guided tour would continue to be offered, The Constitutional Guided Walking Tours of Philadelphia, LLC took over operations of the free self-guided tour and provided funding for the ongoing presentation of the free self-guided tour.
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