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Educational Standards

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Philadelphia is best seen by foot, and The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia (“The Constitutional”) offers the unique opportunity to follow in the Founding Fathers’ footsteps and discover America’s Birthplace. The Constitutional guides you through the Independence National Historical Park area by connecting the buildings and places where the events of the American Revolution transpired. The Constitutional tells the dramatic story of the brave men and women who were responsible for creating America.

The Constitutional Walking Tour is also an excellent tool to help you and your students meet state education requirements in a fun and interactive way. The Constitutional addresses many state education standards during your journey through Historic Philadelphia. Below please find the various standards that The Constitutional addresses as detailed by state and grade level:

We plan to update The Constitutional’s state education standards and also to develop additional state education standards. Please “like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/constitutional to stay up to date on all of The Constitutional’s new programming.

In addition, once you book a tour with us, we help you maximize your visit to Historic Philadelphia with The Constitutional Walking Tour’s FREE Teacher Resource Guide which provides useful information on Historic Philadelphia, including pre-trip and post-trip exercises. We appreciate how stressful it can be to plan field trips so we have created various other resources to assist you including itineraries, directions, lunch recommendations, bus parking options and a survival guide!

In addition, The Constitutional offers many other resources, including:

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Note: Although deemed accurate, the information, descriptions and data contained herein is subject to interpretation, errors and omissions; additionally the content herein is subject to change without notice. As such, please verify with your school’s administration to ensure that The Constitutional Walking Tour meets the educational requirements of your school. The Constitutional Walking Tour’s Teacher Resource Guide also offers supplemental lessons on various subject matters discussed in this standards overview. While we strive to provide a consistent tour offering of The Constitutional Walking Tour, certain tours hosted by different tour guides may be slightly different or change over time. That said, if there are certain important historical figures, places or events that you would like your students to learn about on The Constitutional, please make sure that you discuss these in writing at least two weeks in advance of your tour, and The Constitutional Walking Tour will work with you to try and reasonably accommodate your request. To the extent that there is custom content or sites requested on a customized tour, additional fees may apply.

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