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Note: The Constitutional Walking Tour App provides a broad overview of Independence Park
and does not include admission into sites.


  1. Independence Visitor Center - Your Adventure Starts Here
  2. The President's House - Predecessor to the White House
  3. Declaration House - Where Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence
  4. Signers' Walk - The Founding Fathers Walk of Fame
  5. Congress Hall - The former U.S. Capitol and site of two Presidential Inaugurations
  6. The Liberty Bell - The quintessential icon of American freedom
  7. Independence Hall - America's Birthplace
  8. Old City Hall - The former home of the U.S. Supreme Court
  9. Signers' Garden - Dedicated to those who risked their lives for the cause of American freedom
  10. Philosophical Hall - Oldest scholarly society in the United States
  11. Library Hall - The nation's first public lending library and the former Library of Congress
  12. Second Bank of The United States - One of the most important financial institutions in the world, now a portrait gallery
  13. Carpenters' Hall - The birthplace of the American Identity
  14. New Hall Military Museum - Interpreting the role of the military in early U.S. history
  15. The First Bank of the United States - Sparked the first great Constitutional debate
  16. Franklin Court & B. Free Franklin Post Office & Museum - Ben Franklins home and the only Colonial-themed Post Office in the U.S.
  17. Christ Church - An active parish since 1695, often called the Nations Church
  18. Betsy Ross House - Where Betsy Ross sewed the first Stars & Stripes
  19. Arch Street Friends Meeting House - Home to the Society of Friends
  20. Christ Church Burial Ground - The final resting place of Benjamin Franklin
  21. National Constitution Center - Where you can exercise your right to explore the Constitution of the United States or the Only Museum of its kind in the world dedicated to the U.S. Constitution
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