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Field Trip Grants

Field Trip Grants - Taking Education on the Road to Historic Philadelphia
Target Field Trips
We know that class field trips are fun and informative, yet occasionally prohibitive for some schools due to the costs involved for transportation and admission fees. One possible solution is through Target® which makes some field trip grants available to schools, specifically for field trips. Pending approval from Target, Target may take care of a portion of the funding so you can focus on learning outside of the classroom. Applications are accepted August 1 through September 30. Click on this link for more information.

To make the grant application process even easier, we even have taken the liberty of providing you with some sample draft language that you can copy and paste into your Target Field Trip Grant Application under the sections entitled "Field Trip Description" and "Benefits of Proposed Field Trip."

Field Trip Description

The field trip that we are applying for involves a guided tour of America's Birthplace at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia hosted by The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia. The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia lets students step back in time and literally walk in the Founding Fathers' footsteps. In total, the students will see more than 20 of Historic Philadelphia's top sites on a 75 minute outdoor walking adventure through Independence National Historical Park including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Declaration House, Betsy Ross House, etc.

Benefits of Proposed Field Trip

To complement our in-classroom and textbook learning, The Constitutional Walking Tour provides a unique "outdoor classroom" in the Independence National Historical Park area of Philadelphia where the students can learn and have fun simultaneously.

Philadelphia is best seen by foot, and The Constitutional guides the students through the Independence Park area by connecting the buildings and places where the events of the American Revolution transpired. The Constitutional tells the dramatic story of the brave men and women who were responsible for creating America.

Taking The Constitutional will give our students what The Constitutional Walking Tour refers to as a "High-Definition Historical Experience" which takes them behind the scenes to the places where other tours cannot venture. The Constitutional is also Philadelphia's most eco-friendly tour that uses only renewable sources of energy by exercising students' right to walk - thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Plus The Constitutional's Teacher Resource Guide will provide the teachers with background information on Historic Philadelphia, activities (by grade level) for our students to participate in before the visit, on site the day of our trip, as well as important information to help with our final planning and arrival details.

The Constitutional offers a fun and imaginative tour for children and adults alike.

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