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Independence Hall Ticketing for Groups

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Independence Hall Ticketing for Groups (School Tours and Organized Groups)

Tickets to see the inside of Independence Hall are certainly cheaper (free) and slightly easier to get than tickets to see the Philadelphia Eagles or “Hamilton the Musical”, but it is still best to plan ahead when visiting Philadelphia so that your group gets to see the inside Independence Hall on the day and time of your choice.  It’s best to book tickets as soon as possible, especially during peak season. Tickets can be booked up to 12 months in advance.

January to February

There are no tickets required to take a tour and see the inside of Independence Hall.  This is because visitation to Independence National Historical Park is lighter in the Winter, and it is considered off-season time of year, but there are still so many great sites to see.  Additionally, there is much greater availability of tour times for The Constitutional Walking Tour available for your group off season.

March to December

Tickets to see the inside of Independence Hall are required from March to December, and these tickets are for timed entry on a specific day and time. 

While there are a limited number of tickets available every day from March to December (except Christmas when Independence Hall is closed), the good news is that tickets for Independence Hall are free.  There are two ways for you to get tickets to Independence Hall: 1) advance reservations and tickets ($1.50 service fee per ticket), or 2) walk up tickets on the day of your visit (free).  

The Constitutional’s Independence Hall Ticketing Services

For an additional service fee, The Constitutional Walking Tour can take care of all of the work for you in getting Independence Hall tickets for your group by: 1) reserving your tickets to Independence Hall in advance, 2) picking up your tickets (that were reserved in advance) at the Independence Visitor Center on the day of your group visit, or 3) having our staff arrive at the Independence Visitor Center and wait in line for your group at the Independence Visitor Center to see whether we can get your group walk-up tickets to Independence Hall that are only released and available on the morning of your tour.  Please email group reservations at info@TheConstitutional.com or call 215.525.1776.

Summer Hours After 5PM, July 4th and Thanksgiving Day

There are no tickets required to see the inside of Independence Hall after 5PM during summer operating hours, on July 4th, or on Thanksgiving Day.

The Basics

Independence Hall is open the public, and every visitor receives a free 30 minute guided tour by a National Park Service Ranger. That’s part of the beauty of Independence Hall and also part of the reason why a visit can be a little challenging.  There are a lot of people who would like to visit this hallowed hall every day, but only about 80 people are allowed on each tour (which run every 15-20 minutes in peak season). 

Advance Reservations and Ticketing

The best way for teachers and group leaders to ensure that your group gets to visit Independence Hall on a certain date and time of your choice is to reserve your tickets in advance online. Here’s how to get your tickets:

  • Visit the recreation.gov web site, and search for “Independence National Historical Park Tours” (or call toll free at 877.444.6777 from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Time) 
  • Everyone in your group needs a ticket, including infants.
  • Teachers and tour group leaders may reserve up to 80 tickets on each call or Web site transaction.
  • While the tickets are free, there is a non-refundable $1.00 service fee for each ticket that you reserve through the recreation.gov Web site. National Park Service passes, including the America the Beautiful Annual Pass and the Senior Pass, do not cover this service fee.
  • Once you reserve your tickets, you will receive a confirmation letter with a reservation number.
  • There are no refunds under any circumstances.
  • If your preferred day and time slot is not available online in advance, do not worry. It is still possible that your group might be able to get tickets on the day of your visit. See below. 

Walk Up Tickets on the Same Day of Your Visit (No Advance Reservations)

Every day from March to December, the National Park Service releases a limited number of same day tickets to Independence Hall for people without advance reservations to pick up on a first come, first served basis. If you are looking to secure tickets for your group on the day of your visit without having made an advance reservation, you should plan to arrive to the Independence Visitor Center at 6th & Market Streets as early as possible in the day to increase your chances of getting tickets. Keep the following in mind:

  • Teachers and tour group leaders may obtain up to 70 tickets, if tickets are available, per each teacher or group leader waiting in line at the Independence Visitor Center.  In other words, if you want to try to get 140 tickets to Independence Hall, you will need two teachers or group leaders present in line at the Independence Visitor Center for each group of 70 tickets requested.
  • Teachers and tour group leaders must have a Confirmation Letter on school or organization letterhead listing the name of the person authorized to pick up the tickets.  This letter can simply state that on a designated date and time that a school is visiting Independence National Historical Park and would like to receive X number  of tickets to Independence Hall for their group. Please contact group sales if you need a sample letter.
  • In lieu of a written Confirmation letter, teachers and tour group leaders may use a current school ID card.
  • The Independence Visitor Center opens at 8:30AM every day of the week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas), and there is often a line outside of the building with people waiting to go inside and get tickets for Independence Hall.
  • Reserved tickets must be picked up only on the day of your tour at the “Will Call” guest services desk Independence Visitor Center at 6th and Market Streets.  You must pick up the tickets at least 45 minutes before your scheduled tour on the day of your visit (make sure to bring your reservation number and identification). The Independence Visitor Center opens at 8:30AM every day of the week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas).
  • Tickets not picked up 45 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time will be released to walk-up visitors. For example, if your tickets are for 11:00AM, you must pick your tickets up by 10:15AM on the morning of your visit.
  • The line for Independence Hall tickets forms in front of the East entrance of the Independence Visitor Center which is on the side of the Visitor Center facing 5th Street.
  • While the teachers or group leaders wait in line at the Independence Visitor Center, we would suggest that the rest of the use the restrooms or browse the exhibits.

If you would prefer not to wait in the queue the day of your visit, or you will not arrive early enough, you can arrange to have The Constitutional Walking Tour secure your tickets for a service fee.  Contact us at 215.555.1776 or email us at info@TheConstitutional.com.

Security Screening

  • Once you have your tickets, you and your entire party should arrive at the Independence Hall security screening line at least 20-30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your Independence Hall tour.  When picking up your tickets at the Independence Visitor Center, the Park Ranger may alert you to increased wait times and advise getting in the security line even earlier.
  • The security screening line to access Independence Hall begins at the corner of 5th and Chestnut Streets.  You will see signs pointing you to the entrance.
  • Be prepared for airport level security screening. 
  • While phones and cameras are allowed, you cannot bring any weapons into Independence Hall, including small pocket knives. 
  • While members of your group may bring in sealed water bottles or packages of food in a bag, you are not allowed to bring in any beverage that cannot be sealed and placed in a bag, nor any open food products.
  • Once you have cleared security, your group will see the area where people lining up for the next tour of Independence Hall.


Go to the bathroom in advance of getting in the security screening queue.  There are nice new restroom facilities at the Independence Visitor Center, just a block away.  There are no restrooms inside Independence Hall or the secured area that surrounds Independence Hall.

Insider Tips

  • Once you’ve gotten through security, you must remain within the secure gated area while you wait for your tour to start.  If you leave the gated area, the only way to obtain reentry is to wait in line and go back through security.
  • If you get through security earlier than expected, there are things you can see including the West Wing which contains and original printed copy of the Declaration of Independence or Congress Hall, which is where the United States Congress met from 1790 to 1800.

Planning Your Field Trip

The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia is an outdoor walking journey that provides a primary overview of the Independence National Historical Park area and visits more than 20 of the most historic sites in America’s Birthplace including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Franklin Court, Betsy Ross House and the National Constitution Center.  Often times, groups taking The Constitutional Walking Tour may choose to visit certain sites such as Independence Hall before or after The Constitutional.  Click here to view our sample itineraries.

Group Tickets

If you want to learn more about the incredible history of Independence Hall, click here, for our blog all about this hallowed Hall and its importance to the American Revolution.

Good luck and enjoy your visit! 

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