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17 Anniversary

The Constitutional Audio Tour - Credits

The Constitutional Audio Tour of Historic Philadelphia

Created By - Jonathan Bari and Leslie Bari

Executive Producers - Jonathan Bari and Leslie Bari

Production, Music & Sound Director - Wally Hayman from Wallabee Multimedia

Co-Edited By - Jonathan Bari, Leslie Bari, Leslie Berman, Cosimo Mariano Derita, Wally Hayman, Emilie Mengwall, Elijah Thomas Metcalf and Gena Seroogy

Operations Director - Dan Trotzer

Starring (in order of individual appearance):

  • GPS Gena (Narrator) - Gena Seroogy
  • Eli (Tour Guide) - Elijah Thomas Metcalf
  • Emilie (Tour Guide) - Emilie Mengwall
  • Philadelphia Frieda (Philadelphia Firsts) - Leslie Berman
  • Character Interpretations and Impersonations of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Richard Henry Lee, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, etc. - Cosimo Mariano Derita
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