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Meaning and Branding of The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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The branding for The Constitutional Walking Tour is a play on words given the double entendre of the words “constitution”, as in The Constitution of the United States (which was created in Philadelphia) and a “constitutional”, as in a walk.

A group about to go on a morning constitutional, while on The Constitutional Walking Tour, in front of the National Constitution Center

Constitution (konst-ti-tu-shun)
Noun - System of fundamental principles according to which a nation, state or society is governed

Constitutional (konst-ti-tu-shun-al)
Adjective - Of or relating to a constitution: a constitutional amendment
Noun - A walk taken regularly for one's health

The Constitutional Walking Tour’s brand was developed by Jon and Leslie Bari, the co-founders of the company. When Jon was growing up, his father (Sid) would often talk about taking his morning “constitutional” with the Bari’s dog. The word constitutional stuck with Jon over the years, and it served as the creative inspiration for the branding of The Constitutional Walking Tour, which is the All-American Tour of America’s Birthplace.

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