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Titus Hosmer - One of America's Founding Fathers

Posted on Thursday, December 24, 2020

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Birth: 1736 (approximately)
Death: August 4, 1780 (approximately at age 43 or 44)
Colony: Connecticut
Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
Significance: Signed The Articles of Confederation (at the age of 41 or 42); served in the Continental Congress (1778-1780)

Titus Hosmer Portrait

Titus Hosmer was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Born in Connecticut, Hosmer was educated at Yale, and he graduated in 1757. Hosmer studied Law and began a law practice Middletown, Connecticut. Hosmer's introduction to politics was a 1773 election to the Connecticut State Assembly in 1773, a position he served in until his 1778 election to Connecticut State Senate.

Also, in 1778, Hosmer was elected and served in the Second Continental Congress. Hosmer traveled to Philadelphia to serve in the Continental Congress, and he was among the first signers of the Articles of Confederation on July 9, 1778 after the Articles were ratified by his Colony of Connecticut. 

Hosmer continued to serve in the Continental Congress until 1780 when he was named a Federal Court of Appeals Judge, and he returned to Connecticut. However, Hosmer would only serve within the position for a few months since he passed away a few months later in August of 1780.

Titus Hosmer in Philadelphia

Titus Hosmer came to Philadelphia in 1778 as a Delegate to the Second Continental Congress. While serving as a member of the Second Continental Congress, Hosmer worked at Independence Hall, where he signed The Articles of Confederation.

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