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Edward Langworthy - One of America's Founding Fathers

Posted on Thursday, December 24, 2020

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Birth: 1738
Death: November 2, 1802 (age 63 or 64)
Colony: Georgia
Occupation: Educator, Politician
Significance: Signed The Articles of Confederation (at the age of 39 or 40); served in the Continental Congress (1777-1779)

Articles of Confederation - Original 1777 Printing

Edward Langworthy was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Langworthy was orphaned at a young age, and he grew up in the Bethesda Orphan House, a historic orphanage located in Savannah, Georgia, that stills stands today as a private school. Despite his tough childhood, Langworthy excelled and went on to teach in the Bethesda Orphan House in which he grew up. A dedicated educator, Langworthy was also passionate about politics and a supporter American Independence. Langworthy helped to organize the Georgia Council of Safety, and he served on the Council himself.

Langworthy left the Council in 1777, when he left Georgia to serve in the Second Continental Congress.  After news arrived in Philadelphia that Georgia had ratified the Articles of Confederation, Langworthy signed the Articles on July 24, 1778.

Following his time in Congress, Langworthy moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and he taught at the Baltimore Academy until his death in 1781.

Edward Langworthy in Philadelphia

Edward Langworthy traveled to Philadelphia to serve as a member of the Second Continental Congress. While in the Continental Congress, Langworthy worked at Independence Hall, where he signed The Articles of Confederation. 

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