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Category: 2008 Elementary School (Grades 1-5)
Student: Samantha Chong
School: Theodore Roosevelt School #5 Weehawken, New Jersey (Hudson County)
Teacher: Patricia Allegretta

Freedom to me is an amazing thing. It’s an amazing thing to me because my father’s childhood was in Cuba. Cuba has a dictator called Fidel Castro. My father did not have the rights be free. Freedom gives me the rights to celebrate my religion.

One of the many things that I love about this country are the symbols of freedom. My favorite symbol of freedom is the Liberty Bell. Freedom gives me my rights and my pursuit of happiness. It also forbids fines or cruel punishment. I feel bad for countries that don’t have freedom because they cannot do what they want.

Freedom to me is many things. There’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to vote, and freedom of the press. In school, we had a petition to change our lunch trays to cardboard, which is another point of the freedom, freedom of speech. This is what freedom means to me.

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