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Freedom of Speech Leads to Ingenuity

Category: 2015 High School (Grades 9-12)
Student: Abigail Feda
School: Greenwich High School Greenwich, CT (Fairfield County)
Teacher: Megan Roby

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in American society. The ability to express ideas and opinions has shaped our democracy. Not only is free speech an intrinsic liberty, but it serves as the foundation for other rights by allowing them to flourish. Greenwich High School Student, Olivia Hallisey recently made headlines for her breakthrough discovery of a more efficient way to detect Ebola. Learning about her achievement, I began to reflect upon the rife ingenuity in our nation. America prides itself in the constant generation of creative and innovative ideas. Freedom of speech plays a large role in spurring imagination and illustrates why the U.S. is known as the land of opportunity. The openness to new ideas, has allowed America to harness the creative energies of its people. Censoring expression, ultimately hinders development as it represses individuals from participating in society. The limit of free speech that exists around the world, stems from fear of change. However, it is essential to understand that freedom of speech is essential in creating progress. Communities evolve as new ideas replace old ones, but restricting one's ability to contribute to the change strips them of this god given freedom. Also censorship creates a false facade of perfection, which limits the ability to improve and solve problems. Freedom of expression applies to all: artists, scientists, doctors and engineers, are only a few examples of how creativity permeates the population. Yet there are many who do not have the opportunity to make an impact, because they do not have the skills. Creativity must be maintained and nourished or it will fade away. Knowledge must be possessed by all as it is linked to freedom of expression. Being able to read, write, and share information is the building block to exercising free speech. From there ideas take shape and individuals can make the world a better place. 

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