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Freedom to Vote

Category: 2020 Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Student: Liliana Hathaway
School: Harrisburg Academy Wormleysburg, PA
Teacher: Lindsay Bowman

The freedom to vote is very important, specifically with the presidential election coming up. Voting is crucial in any election because it gives people a voice, and allows them to be a part of decision making in government. Without voting any person could just be assigned the role of president without hearing other people's opinion. That one person would have too much power. This also prevents the position of president being passed down in a singular family, or people marrying for power. With voting we can elect any eligible candidate who the people want. Anyone can make a difference by voting, and electing who they want in office.

Voting gives anyone a voice in democracy, and allows people to have an opinion in government. This also applies not only to the presidential election, but also local elections. In a larger election, like the presidential election, one vote may not make as much of an impact as in a smaller election. Voting gives people a voice, and everyone should be entitled to their own opinion. You do not have to be a certain type of person to vote because anyone can. It used to be that only wealthy, landowning men could vote. Luckily, much has changed in our voting laws, and most people have the opportunity. Voting is also an option. You are not required to vote unless you want to, which gives people more freedom.

Overall, voting is important because it allows everyday people to make change the way their government is run, and who they are represented by. Voting gives anyone and everyone a voice, which they can use as they wish. It allows people to express their opinions with others, and give them an opportunity to change our country.

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