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The Voice on a Piece of Paper

Category: 2022 Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Student: Costanza Akkor
School: Norwood Fontbonne Academy Philadelphia, PA
Teacher: Judy Riviezzo

A piece of paper holds the future of the country. A piece of paper makes the nation's voice heard. A piece of paper represents the three hundred and twenty-nine point five million people that live in America. That piece of paper is the ballot. Abraham Lincoln once said, "the ballot is better than the bullet,” and he couldn't be more right. When Lincoln was alive, revolution would spark if people couldn't be heard. Now, we have a way to voice our opinions safely in the form of voting. Voting is a very commonplace idea and is used daily by people all around the world. In classrooms, when deciding who gets to present. In courtrooms, when deciding if a defendant is guilty or not. In the government, when deciding if a bill should be sent to the president to be vetoed or approved. It is vital that citizens have the right to vote so that our democracy stays strong and prosperous. If we didn't vote, democracy would evolve into dictatorship like Hitler and Mussolini. If we didn't vote, our voices are silenced, our needs are not met, and inequality prevails. Voting is our most valuable asset and it shaped our country into what it is today and in one thousand seven hundred and ten days or about four years, I will be able to vote. I will become a guardian of our democracy, an American citizen with the right to vote. The power I will get to hold is large but I am excited to make the future better for generations to come.

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