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Fort Mifflin

Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2019

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In 2018, Philly Mag's Best of Philly award for the Best Overlooked Tourist Attraction was given to Fort Mifflin,

"Yes, it’s the only Revolutionary War-era fort in the city, and yes, you can actually camp out here overnight, but the big draw is that this tiny slice of land along the Delaware River is literally next to the airport, and there’s no better place to watch big jetliners come in for landings."

Fort Mifflin is on the Approach Route to Philadelphia International Airport

Ten Seconds Until Touchdown

Given that Fort Mifflin is adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), you can see, hear and feel the roar of the jets whiz directly overhead on their approach to Runway 27R at PHL. When the planes pass over Fort Mifflin, they are only 10 seconds away from touchdown.

Fort Mifflin

The History

Originally built by the British in 1771, Fort Mifflin supported the American Revolution by delaying the re-supply of British forces occupying the rebel Capital of Philadelphia in November 1777. Starting in October 1777, a valiant 5 week battle took place culminating in the largest bombardment ever experienced in North America. Surrounding the Fort on three sides, the British shot over 10,000 cannonballs at Fort Mifflin which caused the American troops to evacuate during the night of November 15, 1777.

Fort Mifflin

The battle’s survivors left their flag flying, set fire to what remained of the Fort and made their way across the Delaware River to Fort Mercer.

Fort Mifflin

General George Washington and the Continental Army used this time to establish Winter quarters in Valley Forge. Too late in the season for British General Howe to chase them, the troops stationed at Fort Mifflin extended the Revolutionary War which enabled the American army time to regroup until the Spring of 1778.

Fort Mifflin

Forever after the Winter of 1777-1778, Fort Mifflin has been referred to as the “Valiant Defender of the Delaware,” and Fort Mifflin was reconstructed in the late 18th Century. Fort Mifflin served as An active military post until the Korean War, and the Fort is one of the longest continually used military installations in the United States of America.

Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin has played many roles in the security of the United States, including with troops stationed there in the War of 1812, and it served as a prison during the Civil War and as a munitions depot in both World War I and World War II.

Fort Mifflin

Insider Information

Fort Mifflin offers great programs for all ages including demonstrations of authentic cannons (which are very loud) and discussions about muskets and how American troops used those weapons, including during the Revolutionary War.

Some also believe that Fort Mifflin is haunted, and it regularly has events where you can go in the evening to learn more about Fort Mifflin's alleged paranormal activity and hunt for ghosts.  

Fort Mifflin

For those wanting to take The Constitutional Walking Tour and visit Fort Mifflin in the same day, that is rather easy to do.  Fort Mifflin is just about 10 miles away (about 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic) from the National Constitution Center where The Constitutional Walking Tour begins and ends.

Additional Information

Fort Mifflin
6400 Hog Island Road
Philadelphia, PA 19153

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