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History of the Philadelphia Fire Department Mural

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2020

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History of the Philadelphia Fire Department Mural

The History of the Philadelphia Fire Department Mural was a partnership of Mural Arts Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD), the Philadelphia Fire Department Family Association and Wawa to honor and celebrate the First Responders to the City Philadelphia.

The PFD's early history dates back to 1736 when Benjamin Franklin co-founded the volunteer-based Union Fire Company which eventually became the Philadelphia Fire Department. The PFD was formally established in 1871 as a fully-paid professional department, and the PFD proudly provides fire protection, all hazards response and emergency medical services to residents, visitors and business owners in the City of Philadelphia.

The mural is located outside of the Philadelphia Fire Department's station, Engine 8, Ladder 2 at 323 Arch Street, near the Betsy Ross House.

Benjamin Franklin Co-Founded the Volunteer-based Union Fire Company Which Eventually Became the Philadelphia Fire Department

Mural By: Eric Okdeh

Lead Assistant Artists: Maria Roman, Doug Woods

Assistant Artists: Sunny Chen, Malachi Flloyd, Marcus Hines, Sammy Kovnat, Daniel Lipschutz, Lucia Michel, Amira Mohamed, Jaime Kahng Wiesner

Funders: Wawa, City of Philadelphia, PFD Family Association, Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation

Project Manager: Kate Jacobi


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